The Law Offices of William R. McGee presents an exciting solution to your “lemon” vehicle… “Cash and Keep”

 “Cash and Keep”℠ allows you to keep your present vehicle and receive thousands of dollars $$$ in compensation – often in as little as 30-90 days.

We receive scores of requests from of our clients that they wish to retain their vehicles and receive monetary compensation for the troubles they have had with their vehicle. This is what we call “Cash and Keep”. You still own your present vehicle – it’s not branded a “lemon” – and we negotiate a cash payment of thousands of dollars from the automobile manufacturer for you. This gives you the best of all worlds. Our 35 years of lemon law experience and having settled over 18,000 lemon law cases makes us uniquely qualified to provide you with legal representation – all absolutely free.

With Cash and Keep, after the attorney has reached settlement on your case, you are free to keep your vehicle, sell it, or trade it in. You are in complete control!

Find out if you have a lemon law case today!
(Your vehicle is a 2017 - 2025, purchased or leased in Nevada.)