1. Years in practice. The Law Offices of William R. McGee, is a law firm that has 35 years of case management and trial experience, settling/winning thousands of cases, and growing to be one of the nation’s largest lemon law firms.
  2. Practice Exclusive to Lemon Law. The Law Offices of William R. McGee practices Lemon Law – exclusively – for 35 years. Our firm has been one of the Lemon Law “pioneers”, from the time lemon law legislation was originally passed, to the present.
  3. Size of Law Firm / number of cases settled. The Law Offices of William R. McGee is a Lemon Law attorney firm fully staffed to meet the needs of our clients. Automobile manufacturers know us well. We have settled over 18,000 lemon law cases with them.
  4. Research and Technical Department. Letting auto manufacturers know that you know what they know about the issues with their vehicles is tantamount to a successful Lemon Law case. Our law offices feature a fully staffed Research and Technical Department and on-staff Auto Expert. The Lemon Law attorney requires this information about each vehicle’s problems to properly pursue a Lemon Law case. You can speak with our Research and Technical Director simply by calling 1-858-342-0073 to discuss your vehicle. Simply knowing about common manufacturer’s documents like TSB’s (Technical Service Bulletins) is only the beginning. We have access to documents that no other attorney firm has, and we use them extensively in settling (winning) Lemon Law cases.
  5. Free Case Reviews & Evaluations. Free Consultation. When you call our offices regarding a potential Lemon Law claim, your call, case evaluation and review, or consultation with the attorney, is at no charge to you.
  6. Attorney’s Fees. Our firm accepts cases on a “no fee” basis. This means no “up front” Retainer Fee to start your case. No money required from you during the course of your case. No money is due from you to us – ever! In the event we are unable to resolve your case, you owe us nothing. Our clients risk nothing.
  7. Costs of Suit. Our firm will advance all costs of suit for our clients, while many other firms will ask the clients for costs of suit during the course of their case. We put out the money, and we put it in writing for you.
  8. No Contingency Fees. Cases are accepted at no cost to the client. Of course, if we are unable to resolve your case, you owe and pay us nothing.
  9. Trial Record. The Law Offices of William R. McGee has extensive civil court trial experience. Though very few of our cases go to trial, it’s important to know that we will represent you in court based upon the merits of your case.
  10. State Bar certified Attorneys. The attorney working on your case is State Bar Certified to practice law in your state, and retains a blemish-free record with the State Bar.
  11. Seeing the Case Through. Some cases will settle quickly without a lawsuit. Many will not. This is where our firm’s experience counts. This is the Lemon Law attorney “litmus test”. We will vigorously pursue your Lemon Law case against the manufacturer to get the results you need. When needed, we come to you. Our attorneys travel the state, offering our clients a minimum of inconvenience.
  12. Expert Fees Responsibility. Our law firm advances all costs including expert fees. Experts can run from the hundreds to thousands of dollars. We advance this, and do not ask you to.
  13. Vehicle Defect Verification. Our law firm advances the costs to hire an automotive mechanical expert in certain cases that require this step to effectively pursue the manufacturer.
  14. The Human Touch. Your experience with our office will be met with friendly, knowledgeable representatives that take a genuine interest in not only your Lemon Law case, but you, the client. This is the “personal touch” our offices have been recognized for during our 35 years of service to consumers in pursuing their Lemon Law claims.

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